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Topic Post Six: The House system - The HP Meta List

About Topic Post Six: The House system

Previous Entry Topic Post Six: The House system Mar. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:04 am Next Entry
This week's topic is: The House System

Submitted by stardust9121. More information on it can be found here.

The rules:
  • You have two weeks to write an essay/meta using this topic

  • Posting begins at 12 midnight EST (0500 GMT) on 15 March, 2004. You have forty-eight (48) hours to post.

  • If you "Monitor" this community and choose to write the topic, please leave a comment on the Link post with a link to the essay/meta. I will add it as soon as I see it.

  • If you are a "Member" and write on the topic, don't worry, I'll find it.

Happy Writing!

We had 0 entries for the topic Animals in the Wizarding World. If you wrote one, please leave a comment and I will make up the Posting Day Post.

There is still one week to write on Remus Lupin.
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