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The HP Meta List

Gathering Point for Weekly Essay Topics

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The HP Meta List

Gathering Point for Weekly Essay Topics

This community was created in order to help promote writers to write more essays on the subject of the Harry Potter Universe and all that entails.

A Few Rules and Some Information Before We Get Started

  • Each week a topic will be chosen. Those choosing to participate by writing an essay on that week's topic will post it to their journal. NOTE: The community is for distributing topics and posting a link list to all essays written that week. Essays are not posted to the community.

  • A day will be set for all participants for the week to post their response to their journal. It will be the same day every week, for example: Saturday.

  • Only join as a "member" if you are planning on participating often (two to three times a month). It is by no means necessary for you to participate that often. You can still keep track of the community by "monitoring" it if you'd rather just lurk or participate at random. I am hoping that I get a good group af people who are going to post often.

  • This is for the people monitoring, and wanting to respond to the topic. Please leave a comment in the day's post (on the community) with the link to your essay. The mod will add it to the list ASAP.

  • If you are posting about a particular fic, than please post a link to it.

  • Even though the discussions are not taking place on the community, be nice and don't flame. This should be something that everyone can enjoy.

  • The next topic will be given the day after posting day.

  • Every four to six weeks there will be a new topic drive. So don't worry if you missed a topic drive, there will be another.

This will be updated when days have been chosen to make undertanding easier.

Some General Notes

A note on link collection. The only person/people with posting access will be the mod(s). The mod with use the community's "friends list" as a way of collecting links to the essays of people who post often. If you choose to post often and a "member" then there isn't a need to post a link to your essay in the comments for the day. People who are not "members" need to post a link as the mod will not see it while checking the "f-list".

Anyone can participate. Anyone can write an essay. I only ask that you keep to the topic. I will only add the link if it's on topic.

Topics will be broad. They are set that way so both author's of fic (if they want to discuss how they came up with a fic and 'built' it) and non author's can participate.

No minimum word count or maximum has been set as of yet.

Please see opening post for more information here.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated themes, characters, places, things are the propery of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Warner Brothers, and other various companies and corporations. We are just talking about them here.

And one more thing. This is blamed on venivincere. And Thanks to everyone that helped out spreading the word and figuring out how to run this thing, by explaining things to me (verstehen), supporting me (A vast majority of ze_dragon's friends list.), and everyone who told me this was a good idea.

This community is maintained and moderated by ze_dragon.